Wig Hair Brushes and Combs

Wig Hair Brushes and Combs: Our Gentle Action-Anti-Static Brushes means less damage to your hairpieces and wigs because the bristles bend easily and static electricity cannot pass from brush to the hair (or fiber) as it passes through the hair.

Available in two sizes large and small purse size which is great to take along in your purse.   ***We also find that people love using our brushes on their own hair especially if you have a sensitive scalp!***You'll love it! 

The brush Bristles: More than other types of brushes in the market place, our brush design features single nylon flexible bristles that bend easily within instead of pulling harshly on the hair as it passes through the hairpiece.

Plus there is only one (1) bristle per each plug at the base of the brush, which means that the hair can pass through the brush faster, easier, and more gently as all the hair can seat to the very bottom of the brush without excess pulling.

Each bristle also features protective tips at the end of each bristle so there are no sharp edges from a blunt cut bristle tip; this is especially wonderful for protecting hand ventilated hairpieces so that there are no sharp edges to scratch lose the hand made knots of at eh base of an expensive hairpiece.           

Combs: all the combs we offer are designed for special reasons of use; (e.g.) our large pick with handle has such large spaced teeth that are wonderful to use on curly, long, or thick hairpieces as it can pass through the hair with less pulling and tangling.

Usually, we always suggest starting to comb from the bottom ends of the hairpieces and work your way up as the teeth of these combs can slip out of the hair fast and easier than other types of combs.  

Other combs also have special purposes; for example, the one with longer tails can be used to easily pull their own hair through open hairpiece slots to join into their own hair.

Wig Hair Brushes and Combs

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